What? Seriously? There was no way in the world I would ever spend that much on a plant!

My green thumb wasn’t green enough. The sunlight through my windows wasn’t precise enough. The house thermostat wasn’t reliable enough. And if I ever saw a hint of brown crinkles around its leafy edges I’d probably need counseling.

There it was—a Philodendron Pink Princess—$649.00!!

Strolling around my favorite garden center with my friend was suppose to be relaxing and for some reason, I was getting all sweaty. What if it died on the way home? Do they sell plant insurance?

I knew that Pink Princess would never make it to my house. Too risky! Too nerve-wracking! Too expensive! Everything else in my life would take a back seat and it wouldn’t be very long before I’d have only a plant to talk to . . . if it was still breathing. It was time to get to the $6.49 aisle and calm down.

Yup, this trip to the garden raised my pulse, but it also made me pause.

Am I paying enough attention to the beautiful things in my life that can’t be bought with dollars? Am I scared that the beauty won’t last? Would I do whatever it took to safe guard what’s most important to me to not just survive, but thrive?

Whoa! This little-way-to-relax-trip was starting to give me a little headache.

Unfortunately, these questions didn’t leaf me. 😉

By the next morning I pruned them down to two:

What is beautiful in my life?

How do I keep watch so what’s beautiful continues to bloom?

It wasn’t long before I blew away the fluff and settled on the kernel of the matter.

The beauty in my life was centered around people. Relationships.

A tiny sample . . . .

And the best way to keep watch or nurture this beauty? Time. What I never seem to have enough of. But if I’m honest, I do have time to spend on my people. Even a little can go a long way. It may require moving my minutes around a bit—a repotting of sorts. But without it they’re likely to dry up and wilt.

And if you can’t afford to take a Pink Princess home, well, I bet you can find something just as beautiful already there.

And after you do, run to the library or bookstore to get . . .

The Most Beautiful Thing by Koa Kalia Yang with Illustrations by Khoa Le (October 2020). This is a tenderhearted, true story of the author’s life as a young Hmong refugee. “Her grandmother―a woman who has just one tooth in her mouth―helps her see that true beauty is found with those we love most.” Truly a work of art in story and illustration.

“A sincere narrative that centers on the power of family love.”―starred, School Library Journal

Minnesota Book Award Finalist, ALA Notable Children’s Book, New York Public Library Best Book for Kids, NPR Best Book of the Year

More to keep relationships thriving and not just surviving . . .

And while you keep watch over those beauties in your life, try some fun questions to keep the conversation going.

Oh, and by the way, later I discovered the $649.00 price tag was chicken feed compared to what other plant rarities may cost. Check out The Ten Most Expensive House Plants Money Can Buy and be ready for some sticker shock. Better sit down. 😳

2 thoughts on “KEEP WATCH

  1. Kent or Linda Bergemann says:

    Hi Karen, Cute blog and I appreciated your recommendation of the children’s book by Kao. We are reading her “Latehomecomer” bio for our church book group and I will be doing the review. I saw your recommendation as a “sign” and ordered a copy to share with everyone 😊. Hope you and Randy are enjoying this beautiful fall weather. Kent is at the cabin for the week and I am home trying to get some computer projects done. Love and hugs, Linda


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