Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes!

Garden inspirations bloom numerous life lessons this time of year. This one blossomed a little something in me . . .

I planted those freckles a few days ago in my new garden bed. Now don’t get too jealous . . . my raised garden bed is plastic and I got it for $5 bucks last summer! I’ve waited ALL covid-year-long to bring it to my patio and sprinkle in some freckles. Now I wait.

I’ve found other ways to garden, too.

Sometimes I skip the waiting part and rely on those that have more patience than myself, and more hope in the invisible. I like to call this “Tag-Team Gardening.” I enter at the seeing-is-believing stage and start with what’s already pushed through the dark. Sometimes I need the hope of others to carry me into believing.

Then there’s the divide and conquer approach. When those hostas just won’t stop, I turn one into three. The hostas of my yesteryears remind me that with enough time, something bigger than I ever expected is possible. And the best part—now it’s my turn to be someone else’s hope!

But I’m not always tip-toeing through the tulips as a happy gardener. Some days that bumper crop of weeds is just plain overwhelming. That’s when I go find those people that love to dig in the dirt, weeds and all. I’m happy to announce that I have some hoe-handlers coming next week! They’ll uproot my mess and help me start over. My overgrown, neglected, too-hard-on-the-knees flower bed is about to burst with new life! Oh, how I love these people! It’s my time to step out and let others step in! YAY!!!

But no matter how I garden, I need to put on my patience which, by the way, I’m constantly trying to grow, and wait for those tiny faith-filled-freckle-seeds to power through the weight of darkness. And when they do, each one tells me that even when I can’t see what’s going on beneath the surface, something mighty is.

This garden quote says it best . . .

“Help us to be ever faithful gardeners of the spirit,

who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth,

and without light nothing flowers.” — May Sarton

New life will come.


In its time.

The invisible will become visible.

That’s the miracle.

And to be honest, I could use one right now.

Photo by Gelgas Airlangga on

While you and your little ones are waiting for your garden to grow, here are a few reads to remind you that those tiny seeds may become more than you ever imagined, and when they do, it’s really not anything less than a miracle.

50 more inspirational garden quotes!

Check out these easy mini green houses for kids!

How to Start a Garden/Gardening for Kids. (YouTube)

Happy Miracle Growing!

For more on this theme and other book recommendations visit my post, Watch For The Invisible.

3 thoughts on “THE POWER OF A SEED

  1. Mary Fredricks says:

    Yes…our gardens are therapy and work for those who loves the outdoors, beauty and healthy food! Warm sun, gentle rain and a little patience is what it’s all about to grow those little miracles!
    I love reading your creative stories Karen, not just once..but many times! Happy gardening!😎


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