Get ready to party! February has 264 holidays! That’s right! The shortest month of the year has 264 holidays to keep us partying! No excuses for not having enough to celebrate this month! We all know about National Ground Hog Day (today!) and Valentine’s Day (February 14th)! But these are just the tippy top of the February’s iceberg.

Here’s what’s on the calendar for today2-2-2022 . . .

Dog Sled Day

National Ukulele Day

National Potato Tot Day

National Brown Dog Day

National Heavenly Hash Day

And I hope you didn’t forget yesterday’s National Get Up Day (Probably not what you think . . . better!) and National Dark Chocolate Day (Whoever made this up needs to copy and paste this 365 times on my calendar!)

But if you did, no worries. Still to come: Read in the Bathtub Day, National Periodic Table Day, National Chopsticks Day, Comfy Day, and Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day. (How did they know I needed this this week!)

And almost last, but the least, today—2-2-2002—is . . .

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Even though my day won’t look like a high-school football recruit that needs to commit to a college team, I’ll stay true to the signing part and spend today signing copies of Turtle on the Track for those that pre-ordered because today is . . .




is now available at


I know that my book will not rock your world, keep you awake at night, or change your dinner plans. I know there’s a good chance you’ll forget all about it by tomorrow. But that’s okay, because there are lots of good books that will help plant seeds to help you and your littles slow down, practice patience, and enjoy life’s ride a little more. That’s the message. That’s the important part. That’s a reason to party!


I know we’re all working on slowing down, but for now I’m working as fast as I can to get TURTLE ON THE TRACK into your hands. If you pre-ordered my book, it will be on your doorstep before too long! (Seems like Turtle’s taking a little longer nap than usual . . . maybe a little practice to building our patience?)

Also, keep your eye out for a little special something in your mailbox, exclusively for those that pre-ordered!

And while you’re waiting, there’s plenty to celebrate every day of the year! You’ll find lots of ideas here!

I appreciate all your support!!

(Couldn’t you just spend the whole day writing today’s date all over the place?!? 2-2-2022!😆)

One thought on “RELEASE DAY!

  1. Mary Fredricks says:

    Wow…2-2-2022!!!! That’s awesome and so is your new book coming to all of us soon!! I look forward to reading and sharing it with many of our generations to come! Your always fan and friend!


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