You’re probably here because you love kids, books, and books that kids love, but no matter how you got here—WELCOME!


I’m here because of all the children that grew into readers and writers during my twenty-five years as a teacher and reading specialist. My bookshelves overflow with books and my heart with stories that I can’t keep to myself.

Let It Grow! is here to help you grow your child strong and sturdy, bit by bit, story by story. (And you just might be surprised what takes root in you, as well.)

person holding a green plant

These tender shoots are planted in the soil they’ve been given. Sometimes the ground is rocky. Sometimes the dirt couldn’t be better. And sometimes it’s filled with weeds that need to be cleared.

Whatever dirt your kids are in (and they’re usually covered, aren’t they!?), stories can help till that soil for good fruit because . . .

three children standing on brown soilagriculture backyard blur close up

Stories shape lives.

I’m not talking about the how-to-books that put you through an inordinate number of steps in order to see remarkable results in no time, but the ones with 24-32 pages, 12-15 page-turns, and pictures. Short ones with lasting effects. Stories we should never outgrow. Stories that grow us slow.

Before I go any further, I want you to know that I was never going to do this blog writing thing. I have a certain aversion to the whole World-Wide-Waste-of-time world we live in. It can suck the life out of you and leave you feeling dry.


So, short and sweet is my goal. You have more important things to do. But if I can offer you a cup of cold water,

perhaps something life-giving will grow in that little shoot of yours. Something beautiful. Something eternal.

And if you’re not sure . . . well, I hope you’ll hang around for awhile. You might just be surprised at what starts to bloom—in both of you.


Here’s to you and that little shoot you’re tending to!

Next week we’ll get out our story-hoes and start tilling!




23 thoughts on “LET IT GROW!

  1. Daniel says:

    Wow, 12 to 15 turns to leave an eternal impression. Me think, well suited for the greatest generation also. Me be in. Congratulations,


  2. maryzychowicz says:

    Your website and your blog look amazing Karen! As I read your blog I was touched by how much it is about giving and sharing for parents and children. I think many a parent and child will find your blog a quiet and encouraging place to visit. I look forward to your next post!. Blessings to you!


    1. Karen Condit says:

      Thanks, Mary. I’m hoping this blog will help anyone with a child in their life. I’m convinced good children’s books can help nurture relationships between adults and children, and be a lot of fun in the process! If it inspires just a few, it will be worth it. Thanks for joining in!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Darcie says:

    I am very excited for you Karen and Blessed to be your forever friend. I know that you will inspire others in your venture here. The site looks great and the photos you’ve chosen are perfect!


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